Integrated Big Data Operator And Provider of Smart-City

Digital China Holdings is the first to propose the smart city concept in China and has pioneered the formulation of standards and the exploration of practices. Since the launch of the smart city strategy in 2010, Digital China Holdings has participated in the construction of 116 smart cities and served more than 100 million people. From [Smart City 1.0] for e-government based on information technology, to [Smart City 2.0] for building an integrated public service platform based on Internet applications and [Smart City 3.0] for integrated governance of industry, city and people based on city features, Digital China Holdings has consistently promoted the new development of smart cities and takes a leading position in conceptualization, technology and practice.
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  • 【Smart City 1.0】2009 - 2011
    Efficient government affairs: Comprehensive urban administration

    Wide application of information technology
    Centered on administrative efficiency
  • 【Smart City 2.0】2012 - 2017
    People orientation: Integrated public services

    Application of the Internet and cloud computing
    Taking public services improvement as core
  • 【Smart City 3.0】2018 - present
    City-industry integration: Comprehensive urban governance and industrial development

    Development of big data, IoT and AI technology
    Taking smart city construction as core

Leading Concept

Providing a people oriented comprehensive services for natural persons, legal persons and urban managers to improve services for people's quality of life as well as to upgrade industrial development and optimize social governance.

Leading Concept

Providing a people oriented comprehensive services for natural persons, legal persons and urban managers to improve services for people's quality of life as well as to upgrade industrial development and optimize social governance.

Leading Technology

Pursuing development driven by the independent controllable technology, such as Yan Cloud DaaS, the smart IoT connectivity platform and so on, while maintain a leading position in big data, IoT and other technologies through the industry-university-research institute cooperation and the creation of an innovative ecosystem.
As a technology company committed to the mission of "Digital China" since its establishment, Digital China Holdings has steadily implemented the digital transformation of industries with proprietary innovative technologies, as a part of its efforts to practice Digital China. In addition to R&D and innovation by its own technical team, Digital China Holdings has established a Collaborative Innovation Center by cooperating with Peking University and other well-known domestic and foreign universities and research institutes. The center is designed to undertake technological research and project incubation related to big data, cloud computing, AI and other new-generation technologies in satisfaction of the industrial demand.
Resource Reflection Mechanism and Efficiency Interoperability Technology in Cloud-Client-Convergence System, developed by Peking University and InternetWare, a subsidiary of Digital China Holdings, improves the efficiency of information silo opening by an order of two. It won first prize in the 2018 National Technological Invention Awards competition.
InternetWare, as the basis of transformation and innovation for the system software technology achievements of Peking University, has successfully transformed the technology into the Yan Cloud DaaS product series. These products can intelligently generate a read-write interface (API) for a given system under the conditions of a closed database, missing source code and no OEM support, and can then build data and function pipelines to achieve the real-time flow of data and seamless functional integration. Accordingly, Yan Cloud DaaS solves the bottleneck problem of information isolated island restricting the development of Internet Plus government affairs, and empowers system interconnection, data interaction and sharing. On average, users can save more than 90% of project communication and coordination time and shorten the project implementation cycle by 50%. Consequently, these products and solutions have been applied in national government-affairs information system integration and sharing, pilot services of Internet Plus government services, national security and defense, and other major projects and tasks, across more than ten ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. Additionally, more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guizhou and Zhejiang have implemented them. Yan Cloud DaaS has broken several thousand information silos of government-affairs information and served as a common key technology in support of the ecological development of China's big-data industry, which has a magnitude on the scale of trillions.

Leading Practice

After nearly a decade of unceasing exploration and practice, smart city products and solutions have covered 116 cities across the country, serving more than 100 million people.

An IoT program for the Beijing Administrative Sub-Center

An urban perception management platform is built to provide service support for the city's IoT business operation as well as facility operation and maintenance. Abundant IoT PAAS and SAAS services are tailored to the smart city business model so as to bring personalized IoT management, IoT service, perception visualization and other application experiences for city administrators.

Smart environmental protection project for the Beijing Yanqing Winter Olympics

Consistent with Yanqing District's strategy of building a world-class ecological civilization demonstration area, the "Internet Plus Sky-Space-Ground Integrated Environmental Monitoring Network," the "Cloud Foundation Platform for Smart Environmental Protection" and the "Information Technology Capacity Building System for Smart Environmental Protection" are established using IoT, cloud computing, big data and other advanced technologies. Together they will provide a high-quality environment for the International Horticultural Exhibition 2019 in Beijing and the 2022 Beijing–Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics, and will help promote the overall ecological environment quality of Yanqing District reach the international first-class level.

Urban big-data center project in Cangzhou

A specialized, intelligent, integrated information service platform is established for government, industry and the public through the use of core innovative technology Yan Cloud DaaS, integrating API, micro-service framework and other new techniques, and optimizing a wealth of integrated data.

ZHUMINGSHENG, a big-data livelihood project in Guiyang

ZHUMINGSHENG precisely matches supply and demand with respect to people's livelihood through big data analysis and offers a channel for interaction between the government and people. It enables the big data service mode in social security, education, healthcare, civil affairs, transportation, community and other fields so as to more effectively serve the people of Guiyang.

e-Longyan, an integrated public service platform in Longyan, Fujian

e-Longyan is an online public service platform built by Longyan by integrating the multi-source, dynamic and massive data resources of the city in the process of urban operation. It has created a more efficient government service model oriented toward people's demand and has driven the transformation of the governance model from simple government regulation to public sharing and governance.
More, an integrated service operation platform for public rental housing in Guangzhou

A world-class, industry-leading good-faith housing rental platform is established with the use of cloud computing, big data, IoT, AI, facial recognition and other technologies while integrating financial and government resources in order to promote a new model for the individual housing rental market.
国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。 国内首个智慧农村核心系统,其创新的管理模式被中组部作为内部学习推介的标杆 。平台提供多服务端和全方位应用,涵盖了组织部、纪委、政法、民政、农业等多个体系,实现了农村基层管理标准化、协同化、流程化,在基层管理工作中发挥了重大作用,密切了党群、干群关系,打通了服务群众的“最后一公里”。